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Keywords Initial Ranking Current Ranking
Pacific West Roofing 5 1
Roof Repair Portland N/A 4
Portland Roofing Contractor 14 9
Residential Tile Roof Repair 24 3
Roof Repair Portland Oregon 50 2
Portland Residential Roof Maintenance N/A 1
Portland Residential Tile Roof Repair N/A 1
Residential Metal Roofing N/A 4
Commercial Roof Repair Portland N/A 1





Keywords Initial Ranking Current Ranking
ANT-530 Thermal Detector N/A 1
ANT-FR-Q9 Facial Recognition and Temperature Detector N/A 1
ANT-FR-Q11 High Volume Body Temperature Screening N/A 1
MF-81 Infrared Forehead Thermometer N/A 1
ANT-7500i Walk Thorugh Metal Detector N/A 3
Antlia Metal Detector Door N/a 1

HAWK Concrete Floor Coatings

Keywords Initial Ranking Current Ranking
HAWK Concrete Floor Coatings 5 1
Commercial Floor Coatings N/A 2
Concrete Floor Coating Perth 15 1
Commercial Kitchen Floors N/A 5
Education Flooring, Perth 22 2
Garage Floor Coatings Perth 25 1
Industrial flooring Perth N/A 5
Concrete Waterproofing-Perth N/A 3
Floor Screed Perth N/A 1


Carbon Cleaning Canada

Keywords Initial Ranking Current Ranking
Carbon Cleaning Canada 15 1
Engine Carbon Cleaning N/A 5
Carbon Cleaning Service N/A 2
Carbon Cleaning N/A 3
Carbon Cleaning Centers N/A 1
Carbon Cleaning Machine N/A 1
Carbon Cleaning Benefits N/A 3
DFP Cleaning N/A 1
Carbon Cleaning Distributor Center N/A 1
Mercedes P0402 N/A 6
oxygen sensor cleaner N/A 10
Monitor Engine Misfire N/A 4


Keywords Current Ranking
Certified Cleaning and Restoration 5
Professional Carpet Cleaning in Cortez 3
Professional Tile Cleaning Cortez, Colorado 1
Emergency Water Dry Out Cortez 1
Air Duct Cleaning Cortez 1
Area Rug Cleaning Cortez 1
Professional Rug Cleaning Services Cortez 1
Upholstery Cleaning Cortez, Colorado 3
Janitorial Cleaning Cortez, Colorado 2




Keywords Current Ranking
Pure camel blanket natural color 1
Pure Camel Blanket Natural Color 1
Pure Merino wool winter and spring blankets 1
Camel-Hair and Wool bed blankets 2
Baby camel hair Blanket 2
Spring pure cashmere Blanket 1
Cashmere Blanket Made In Italy 5
Twin Single Size Cashmere and Wool Blankets 3
Single Size Camel blend Blankets 1


Legal Weed Supply

Legal Weed Supply

Keywords Current Ranking
Buy Kurupt’s Moon Rocks with Discount 2
Buy Kurupt’s Moon Rocks with Discount 2
Discreet Kurupt’s Moon Rocks For Sale Online 4
Legal Kurupt’s Moon Rocks For Sale Online 1
buy kurupt moon rocks online 5


Keywords Current Ranking
Play Mor Swing Sets 1
Summers Cove Swing Set 1
Summers Eve Swing Set 1
Happy Space Saver Swing Set 1
Extreme Space Saver Swing Set 1
Family Space Saver Swing Set 1
Royal Fort Swing Set 1
Treasured Times Swing Set 1
Jolly Jump Swing Set 1
Neighborhood Playstation Swing Set 1
Happy Hour Play Place Swing Set 1
Backyard Retreat Swing Set 1

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